Sunday, January 30, 2011

Larry's Walking Stick

A good friend, who has been very supportive of my work over the years, wanted me to make him walking sticks.

When I mentioned last year, that I had a small walnut tree which was to be removed and had "walking stick potential", he immediately staked his claim.

I had planted the tree some years ago and it had never grown well; it was stunted and deformed and now it needed to be removed.  Its one interesting feature was a heavy lower branch which came off the main stem at a right angle.  This gave me the idea of trying to make a walking stick.

This project was to have started last fall, but things often don't turn out as we plan and now we're into the new year.  Yesterday, I finally got around to cutting the tree and rough-shaping the stick.  Now we'll let it dry awhile to see if (and where) it cracks before continuing.

Hopefully, Larry will have his stick in time for the nice summer walking weather.

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