Friday, February 11, 2011

Remembering my Dad

My neice, on the west coast, emailed me this week to compliment me on my blog.  She said it made her think of my dad and how he loved wood.  She asked me to write something with him in it; so, Amy, this is for you.

The first house we owned was a 576 sq. ft. place on 47th street in Yellowknife in the '70's.  Not long after we began ripping out partitions, etc as part of a remodelling plan, Dad flew up from Ontario to lend a hand.  He would have been about sixty.

This photo was taken in the back yard where he spent a large part of an afternoon enjoying the sun and whittling on a scrap of wood.  When he was finished, he had a wooden latch for the front gate.  It would have been far easier to walk to the hardware store and buy a metal latch, but he wanted to give us something that he made himself.  I don't think he'd ever made one before, and he was curious to see if he could do it.

I realize now that I didn't only learn from Dad a love of wood; I also learned to try things even if I didn't know how they would turn out.

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