Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spring 2011

After being sick with one thing or another throughout the winter, it was good to finally have some energy.  Just in time too, as there were several projects waiting.

Spring here was cool and wet, great for growing grass but not so great for many outdoor projects.   April construction was done wearing several layers of clothing and May was rain gear most days.  Planting was late as a result but, once in the ground, everything has done well due to the abundant moisture in the ground.

I finally got back to Larry's walking stick, finishing it with walnut oil and he was delighted.

It is a combination of light coloured sapwood and dark heartwood, which gives it  a dramatic look.

Larry says he can't resist picking it up and rubbing it with his hand every chance he gets.

Here's wishing him many years of rubbing.

A local bird enthusiast contacted me in the winter wanting me to build an all season home for her thirty parakeets, etc.  At the first opportunity in the spring, we poured the concrete pad and I began a 10' by 12' house.

With insulation, house wrap, vapour barrier, wood panelling and pine board and batten siding, it really is a tiny house.  Inside, it is partitioned off into four individual screened areas for the various families.

Once the house was completed, flights were attached on the outside for the birds to use in the warm weather.  They were partitioned for the different birds and they could go in and out as weather allowed.

It was a very interesting project and the residents appear to have approved the finished product.

Also this winter, I was contacted by a friend who teaches at a local school.  They wanted to erect a small structure which would provide some shade in the school yard and she asked me to come up with a design.  The structure was to be built with the help of the grade seven students.

After getting the design and budget approved, I met with the students and we began in the spring.  We used survey equipment to lay out the post locations and, after setting and bracing the posts, completed the roof.

The students were enthusiastic and we were able to use right angle geometry theory that they had just taken in class.  I think there was at least one budding architect in the group.

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