Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fall 2011

After a very hectic October and November, I finally have time to jot down a few lines.  Today marks my last day of employment before venturing out into the world of retirement so, in theory, I will have a lot more spare time to do this (yeah, right!).

In August, I attended the Glengarry Wood Fair in eastern Ontario, the first time for me.  The good things I'd heard about it were confirmed as there were a large number of vendors, the crowd was enthusiastic and everyone was interested in all things wood.

One customer bought a small bowl for a friend in Ireland.  She planned to deliver it in person via the Mediteranean so, it will be well travelled before finally reaching its new owner.

November is always a busy month with two sales, the Presquille Park Christmas Show and the Trenton Woodlot Conference.  Cheese boards and knives were popular this year including my first "email sales".

Just in time I built some shelving to display my bowls, because more folks are coming to the house to pick out one-of-a-kind gifts for anniversaries and Christmas.  It's so much more convienent than lugging the large bowls around to the shows.

This fall, I went back to the woods to select firewood trees, only to discover about forty had blown down.  Even with the help of the four wheel drive Kubota and several friends, it took weeks to clean up.  We concentrated on the maple and hickory leaving the oak for next year.  Some of the trees produced sawlogs, but most were firewood; we now have enough to heat the house for several winters!  The oak will produce timber that I plan to use in a small timber frame building in 2013.

Obviously, retirement is not going to involve much lounging around!

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