Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A New Family Tradition

In 2009, our third grandchild, Ashley, was born.  She was the first for our second daughter, Megan, and her husband, Gary.

They live on a dairy farm not far from our place and Gary's parents are the next house down.  To commemorate Ashley's birth, John (grampa) and I (Poppa) planted a row of soft maples along the road in front of the farm.  A picture was taken to record the historic event.

To everyone's delight, a year later, Emily arrived and so John and I got the shovels out again and planted hard maples.  Fortunately, the first trees were spaced far enough apart that there was plenty of room for the second planting.  Another photo was needed, now with our two little girls.

Thanks to three good summers (and John watering as needed), all the trees have survived so far.  They're not growing as fast as the girls right now but, we hope to be able to repeat this photographic tradition for many years and eventually be standing in the shade together.

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