Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Tree House

When I was not yet in high school, my dad built a tree fort in an elm beside the barn.  I remember coming home on the school bus each day, eager to see his progress.  He did not usually take on such a frivolous project, but this would have been in the spring between the planting and the haying, when he had a bit of spare time.

My sisters used it as a play house; for me, of course, it was a fort.  Whenever a friend was over, we would use it as our base of operations. 

Summer 2012, a get-together was planned for my wife's family.  There would be a dozen or more grandchildren about and I decided to build a tree house.

A cherry tree near the barn had three branches which showed potential as the main supports and I began with some red cedar posts for joists, trimming them with a chainsaw.  A white cedar deck followed, with a railing made from western red cedar recycled from a neighbour's deck.  A ridge pole and blue tarp made the roof.

The weekend of the reunion, the structure was a great hit and everyone, even the youngest wanted to come aboard.  The older children were very careful to keep the little ones safe and, eventually, mothers and grandmothers relaxed.
I was curious to see if it would be a house or a fort, but it actually became a science lab as the children collected bugs and assorted things and took them up for further study.
A highlight of a wonderful weekend!  Hopefully, in the years ahead, it will be the centre of many adventures.


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