Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Boy and His Tools

Growing up on the farm, I learned about work from my father.  There's hardly a day goes by that I don't think of him as I carry out everyday activities on our own property.

Part of that education was learning about tools.  Starting with a hammer and working up through the range of hand tools we had on the farm, laid the foundation for a life of building, design and creativity.

Our first grandchild, at an early age, showed interest in whatever his dad was doing.  I started looking for real tools sized to a child's hand.  The first was a hammer, which he used with enthusiasm.

As time went on, he showed real aptitude for building, watching intently as the construction crew built the addition on his parents' home, and helping his dad or me whenever the opportunity arose.  Now, almost nine, he looks forward to visiting the farm to drive tractor and work with his poppa.

During the last visit, I was building a long promised deck.  This time, I showed him how to hold the cordless drill to get the maximum power from it; easing the trigger until the screw began to catch and pushing with his free hand.

I would leave every other screw up for him to finish and he would follow behind with the second drill.  It was a multi-day job and he would wander off to do other things at times, but always came back to his "work".

Grandchildren have a wonderful way of helping you remember your own youth; the mastering of a new skill, the pride of accomplishment. 

 Being part of their growth is the greatest joy of all.

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