Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014: The Year of Lasts

Normally, people make new year's resolutions at the beginning of January.  This time, I'm making mine in December to ring the old year out.

Looking back, I can point to several events which will not likely be repeated again.  Some are dependent on me learning to say "No"; others are just a fact of life; a milestone reached.

So this has been my year of lasts.

2014 was the last year for sawing 20' long oak logs.  When I was talked into sawing several logs for a neighbour, that little voice in my head was saying "I thought we'd agreed the last time you did this, you'd never do it again!".

Well, seven trips hauling logs, one return trip with two oak beams plus planks, and a week of toil in between, I really mean it this time!

2014 was the last year for parking my tractors in my wife's garage.  Now that they have their own building, we can put the correct stuff in the garage (firewood and patio furniture).

2014 is also the last year I'll have my grandson sitting on my lap steering the tractor.  He's now old enough to go solo.  The good news is that the next step of the adventure begins (and, I still have three granddaughters to go).

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