Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Massey Tradition

This year I got the chance to do something I'd been thinking of for some time. Ever since I came across this old photo of me on the tractor with my dad and two younger sisters, I'd wanted to replicate it with my grandchildren.

So, this summer, we recreated the scene with my grandson on the tractor, about the same age I was in the original photo, along with his sister and two cousins, this time on one of my Massey Harris tractors.

It's the little things that mean the most...

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  1. Dave my old friend, I do not even know where to start! Your Blog is awesome, the photo's so special, and your words really do speak of the man I really admired back in Yellowknife. You really are living "the life" which I know means a lot of hard work, and sacrifice for sure. Now I can keep up with you as long as you update what's happening. I do remember the pride you took in restoring that little house in Yellowknife, and the updates each day at work. A man really can count his blessings by his old friends and family. Look forward to seeing more photo's and reading about the farm,family, and your wood work! Be safe always